Strategy & Change Management

strategy change management
In Strategy & Change Management, SNA provides the following services: Business Strategy, IT Strategy, Innovation Strategy, Change Management.SNA Business strategy team discusses with organization management the VISION, MISSION, Goal, Objective and measures based on competitor’s analysis and productivity gain.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation is a critical discipline for both strategic planning and effective execution. EA programs and efforts need to focus on solving real business problems while maintaining strategic focus on organizational alignment. Adapting EA concepts to organizational dynamics and culture is critical for successfully using EA


SNA helps organization in establishing a governance program, based on industry vertical standards and process standards. The broad step while implementing the governance has following steps.In this segment SNA implements the process and performs internal audits for process compliance within the organization

Stakeholder Management

stakeholder management
Stakeholder management is a common aspect of project management. SNA approach to stakeholder management is from the perspective of business and IT alignment instead pure people management perspective. In this area SNA takes all the business and technical requirements based on organization business need

Security & Risk Management

security and risk management
In this context implementing security acceptable to stakeholders and business is quite a challenging task. It involves a great deal of trade-offs, stakeholder management and regulatory compliance mapping. SNA provide consulting service in security architecture, planning & Implementation. In Cyber Security or Security Standards

Program Management

program management
In Program & Project Management, SNA help in setting up Program and Project Management engagement models.The indicative building blocks for this is as below.After setting up these building blocks, an engagement model and governance model is established with defined key process areas and key achievement areas and the engagement kicks-off
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